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The centuries old history of a taxi dates back to hired chariots of ancient Rome. On the axis of a chariot there was a fixed "taximeter", just a bowl, in to which after each “stage” (approximately 200 meters) a stone was falling. Payment was made based on the number of stones in the bowl at the end of the trip. Then, there were coachmen and cabmen, which, over time, were replaced by the automobile drivers. The taximeter, that gave it’s name to a new model of transport – taxicab, was invented in 1905. They were technically different and noted for their special bright color singling them out in a stream of traffic. In 1948 was decided to introduce taxi distinctive design with the help of "chequered patterns" and a light signal. Today, the situation has changed but traditions of a taxi remain invariable.

"Phaeton" is more than a taxi. It gives you an incomparable feeling of personal liberty and importance. We have taken the best from the world taxi history to provide you with the comfort and the confidence of old England, accuracy of Switzerland and politeness of the East in accordance with technologies and standards of modern life. We are at hand at any time.

Feedback of our clients:

"I don't have a car because I appreciate the time too much.
I am working twenty hours per day, and this isn't enough for me. I am working even when I am on the way - answering letters, watching the pictures I made, communicating with customers. It is impossible to do all these things, when you are driving.
Therefore I use a taxi.
It is pleasant to sit in the car which has already been warmed up and not to think of traffic jams, the amount of gasoline in the tank, and always have a heavy photoartillery for shooting.
I prefer comfort and safety in any weather. That is why my choice is obvious "

Andrey Razumovsky, photographer


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